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Welcome to Card Conjurer!
Card Conjurer is a program that creates custom Magic: The Gathering cards. There are already plenty of Magic card makers, but what sets Card Conjurer apart from the rest is its live-edit capabilities. Users can immediately see the effects of any change they make, which makes card customization easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, Card Conjurer offers more borders than any other website, including full art lands, planechase cards, miracle and nyx borders, and so much more.
About Me
Hi! My name is Kyle Burton and I am currently a high school student. I used to play Pokemon, but when a friend introduced me to Magic in 2013 I sold my pocket monsters and bought an M14 Intro Pack. Ever since that day Magic has been my all time favorite game. In addition to playing games, I've always loved technology. During the 2017-18 school year I tought myself how to code Javascript, and a little bit of HTML and CSS. The following summer I created Kyle's Card Imager. (KCI) It was pretty simple but I soon began to add more border images like Miracle or Nyx. After a few months I decided to share my creation, so I renamed it Card Conjurer and uploaded it to Github, and then in April of 2019 I bought the domain
Each of the following codes must be sandwhiched between curly brackets (e.g., '{t}')
• {line} → Skips to the next line
• {bar} → Just like line, except adds the bar that usually seperates flavor text
• {lineNoSpace} → Just like line, except stays closer to the previous line
• {i} → Text is italicized
• {/i} → Text returns to normal
• {left} → Text aligns to the left
• {center} → Text aligns to the center
• {right} → Text aligns to the right
• {upX} → Shifts the following text X pixels up
• {downX} → Shifts the following text X pixels down
• {leftX} → Shifts the following text X pixels left
• {rightX} → Shifts the following text X pixels right
• {fontsizeX} → Changes the font size to X pixels
Every set in Magic: The Gathering has an associated 2-3 letter code. For example, Homelands is HM and Innistrad is ISD. This program uses the codes from The Gatherer, the official Magic card database. A handy list of all sets and their codes can be found on Wikipedia.
Card Conjurer has gone under some major changes since the making of this video, but it can still help to give a general idea of how to use the program:

Check out some samples
How You Can Help
I hope that you found Card Conjurer useful! If you did, you can help me out tremendously by making a small donation or using a referral link: